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Looking for a home can be a scary and frustrating experience, so why not buy your ideal property right after finding it? Most of the time, old and even brand new homes appear to be perfectly fine; however, they could have hidden issues. A dependable home inspector has a trained eye to notice even the smallest faults that could turn your big purchase into a nightmare. Our team in Annapolis, MD, provides trustworthy inspection services to guarantee that you make a smart purchase without getting surprised with costly repairs in the future.

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Mold growth, structural failures, electrical and fire hazards are some of the problems you could face that, if left unattended, could turn into dangerous and costly repairs. Our experienced building inspectors know where to look and can walk you through the steps before the procedure. Afterward, we’ll send you a fully interactive report that includes high-quality images. Our inspection report is written in a modern format that makes it easy to understand!

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Identify significant issues in a home before closing a deal! The value of an inspection comes from the number of issues it uncovers. For that reason, Invision Home Inspections, LLC provides competitive rates that will help you make the most of this procedure. A dependable home inspector helps people feel confident about their purchases, and our team in Annapolis, MD, is no different! Contact us today and schedule our services.

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Home Inspection

Know more about your home's current condition.

Home Inspection
Buyers Inspection

Learn about potential repairs before buying a home.

Buyer's Inspection
Pre Listing Inspection

Tackle potential problems before your buyers find out.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Ensure your home's structure is solid and ready for next steps.

Radon Inspection

Make sure the indoor air is clean and safe to breathe.

Radon Inspections

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