Feel confident in your home’s structure by scheduling a Pre-Drywall Inspection in Annapolis, MD

Brand new homes can come with all sorts of problems, and it’s best to tackle them on time. Before a house is completely built, you can count on us to carry out a pre-drywall inspection to detect any issues. This service is ideal during the homebuilding process, right after the windows, doors, foundations, roof components, and flooring are installed. It receives the name because it is usually scheduled before the drywall is placed. Our inspectors in Annapolis, MD, will ensure that your home’s structure is solid and ready for the next steps.

Build a Solid Home

A dry-wall inspection can help you prevent future problems

These inspections are useful because after installing the drywall or insulation, some problems may get hidden. Additionally, waiting until your home is finished can make repairs more difficult and expensive. At Invision Home Inspections, LLC, we recommend you take the time to ensure any issues are identified before moving to the next phase of your project or build. We’ll send you a thorough report filled with pictures to illustrate our findings.

Prevent Costly and Invasive Repairs

Take advantage of your warranty

A pre-drywall inspection is not only for people who are building brand new properties; it is also useful when constructing garages or home additions. Our experienced professionals use the latest equipment and tools to examine every surface ensuring your home additions or projects are built to last. Get in touch with our professionals in Annapolis, MD!

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